These patient stories of incredible courage in the face of breast cancer were filmed through a partnership between Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates and Post House, an Emmy Award winning creative content company and video production boutique. While breast cancer survivors share the common thread of their diagnoses, each person’s story is unique from beginning to end. The stories shared in these videos contain distinct messages in how each patient approached her diagnosis with breast cancer and the role her radiology team played in helping her overcome this challenging obstacle. As one of these amazing patients, Patti, explained, “You need to be your own advocate during the journey, but you also need someone else for guidance. Choosing the right doctor is a big part of your experience and recovery.”

We applaud the willingness of these women to share their stories so that others facing similar challenges can learn how to effectively collaborate with their healthcare providers, including radiologists, to enable the best possible outcome for their situation. We encourage you to share these stories with friends, family members, and colleagues to spread awareness and knowledge.

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Post House

A special thank you to our 2015 Susan G. Komen Columbus Race for the Cure Start Stage co-sponsor Post House for their magnificent work in bringing these inspiring survival stories to life. Learn more about them at

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