Pushing the envelope and setting new standards in the treatment of vascular diseases and stroke with a focus on critical care.

Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates (RRIA) is nationally recognized for providing a broad spectrum in which all types of vascular diseases that can be treated with interventional means are addressed, with a focus on clinical excellence, critical care, and quality imaging using catheter based technologies to treat a variety of conditions. In addition to being expertly trained from some the industry’s leading medical education centers, RRIA vascular physician specialists are passionate about acute stroke treatments that provide not only clinical positive outcomes for patients but also display immediate results. Offering this capability for treating stroke essentially increases the level of comprehensive care available to patients across Ohio and pushes the envelope in conventional neurological medicine for treating stroke. RRIA’s vascular medicine leadership is also part of a multidisciplinary team developing a vascular medicine center of excellence for the greater central Ohio region to be based at OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital. All RRIA vascular and stroke specialists are fellowship trained in their respective area of expertise, and highly effective communicators capable of working extremely effectively with their physician colleagues to provide the highest level of care for the patients we serve.

Dr. Nirav Vora


To meet Neurointerventional Surgeon and Vascular Neurologist Dr. Nirav Vora.

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